Get Caught Wearing Your Helmet!

This is one occasion when you’re going to want to get caught by the police.

In an effort to promote helmet safety, London Police officers will be handing out vouchers for free Frosters to children spotted wearing their helmets when riding their bikes, or skateboards thRWH_9891.jpgroughout the summer.

I had the pleasure of working with Constables Wong and Elliott while creating this video. Their energy and passion for connecting with the community made the final product engaging and popular with audiences.

The reception of the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with the video quickly becoming one of the most viewed on the LPS YouTube account. Both CTV London and CBC Windsor focused stories on the video and the impressive talents of Constable Wong on a skateboard. Gaining this earned media was a bonus on top of the goals of the video and helped to amplify the truly important messages about helmet safety.