Blue Line Expo 2017

Law enforcement professionals from across Canada rolled into the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on Tuesday, May 2 for the 2017 Blue Line Expo.

From sunglasses to armoured vehicles, visitors had a broad array of products to learn about in the Trade Show portion of the event. Inkas Armored, an armoured vehicle manufacturer located near Toronto, brought out their Sentry APC to demonstrate their skill and expertise. The firm makes a number of entirely custom special purpose armoured vehicles, but specialize in converting factory vehicles.


The Inkas Sentry APC on display at the International Centre (Ross Howey)

Exhibitors demonstrated a number of new technologies available to law enforcement in Canada. Pulsar, in particular, wowed visitors with their handheld thermal and night-vision optics.



In addition to the Trade Show portion to the Expo, a conference component offered a chance to hear from a number of experts on topics ranging from mental health in emergency services to counterfeit merchandise.


Smith & Wesson displayed this visually stunning Simunition specific M&P handgun (Ross Howey)